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Phyllostachys Viridis
'Robert Young'

Bamboo cane

Robert Young

Phyllostachys viridis 'Robert Young'

 'Robert Young Bamboo'

Average mature size  3 " x  45'      Hardy to 5 F  
 Sun to Part Shade

     The canes of this Chinese giant are buttery yellow with random green stripes. This little brother of P. viridis also grows fast, but not as quick as  the typical form.  The new canes are light green with darker green stripes. With time, the canes turn butter yellow and the stripes remain dark green. This species also like clay based soil conditions  The sheath auricles and oral setae are absent.  

    This species is doing great in the northwest. In Seattle our customers reported that it acts like a clumping bamboo more than a runner. We have no reports from foliage damage for single digit temps.  Our groves have seen plenty of windy winters with temps. into the teens with no damage.  This is a very decorative species and highly sought after. 

    I recommend this species for USDA Climate Zones 6 and warmer.  

2 gallon - $45
3 gallon - $65 

Available Sizes
Climate Zone 6 or warmer

Sun or  Shade

Large Field dug divisions $125 

To order or if can help in anyway,
please call us at 1-877-RZN-CANE
or 205-292-0536

Robert Young can make a great large and colorful screen. The unique characteristics of this bamboo presents a very pleasing appearance and its size allows you to block even large structures and grain privacy.

This is one of our customer's screen after just three years of growth. They started with a few of the larger sizes. These few initial planting has generated an impressive screen in a very short period of time. 
Large bamboo screen

 Phyllostachy viridis 'Robert Young'
Our friends standing in one of our groves of 'Robert Young'. There are several nice 3 inch diameter culms.

 New culms are green in color but later develop to a yellow-gold with random vertical green stripe.


This bamboo makes a beautiful  specimen plant in a large pot or planter. Also, outstanding decorative plant in a grove with edible shoots.Robert Young Bamboo


 Ph. viridis 'Robert Young'
 This is another nice specimen of this beautiful bamboo that is hardy to 0 degrees F.  
   It has a maximum height of 45 feet with a diameter of 3 inches and grows quickly to  it's large size. In hot climates, it is a vigorous runner.

On this culm, you can see just how different the vertical stripes can vary from one solid to multiple green strips. 

Robert Young 

Robert Young Bamboo

Above, Roger Jr. owner shows a guest one of our 'Robert Young' groves. She picked
out one of our larger field divisions of this beautiful bamboo.

Robert Young

A view of one of our many 'Robert Young' groves.
A deer in a grove of 'Robert Young'. 

Above you can see a small deer in this grove of 'Robert Young'. Note the size of the vertical stripes on some of the canes!

'Robert Young'Phyllostachy viridis 'Robert Young' Bamboo

'Robert Young' is a popular species with most of our customers.


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