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Phyllostachys Vivax

Bamboo cane

In USDA Climate Zone
7 expect mature size canes to be over 40 feet. in height possibly growing to near 70 feet.
In USDA Climate Zone 6 expect mature size canes to be 30 feet in height.

Phyllostavhys vivax
Phyllostachys 'Giant Vivax'

Plant introduction number (PI) into the U.S. 82047

Average mature size  5" x 70'      Hardy to 0 F  
Aggressive in  full sun

     A very cold hardy giant bamboo similar in appearance to Japanese Timber Bamboo.  Vivax is a completely different species and we are always sold out of this species by early Spring.  I cannot keep enough of this bamboo dug up and ready.

    For a Phyllostachys it has very large leaves with deep green colors. The culm (cane) sheaths are creamy buff color with brown spotting. The oral setae and auricles are absent from the culm sheaths. Growing to 40 feet tall on Long Island, N.Y.  It has been reported to handle temperatures to -10 F.

   In climate zones 7 and warmer it is an excellent choice. If you grow this timber bamboo in colder areas such as climate zone 6, expect culm damage from
ice and snow damage. The thin walled culm of this giant snaps with heavy ice and snow form which is common in zones 6, but it will grow to large diameters. New canes will emerge each Spring to replace any damaged ones that might occur during Winter times. It also handles salt spray well and is being grown along coastal areas throughout the U.S.
I recommend this species for USDA Climate Zones 7 and warmer.

2 gallon (1'-2' tall) - $49 - Call
3 gallon (4'+ tall)
- $75 - Call

Climate Zone 6 or warmer

Sun or Slightly Shaded

Large Field dug divisions $125 and up.

To order of if we can help in anyway, please call 1-877-RZN-CANE or 205-292-0536 .

This bamboo grows up to a height of 70 feet with a diameter of 5 inches. 
 Vivax has thin walls, which makes it easy to split for working with crafts. 
Shoots begin to emerge early mid season and have been found free from any unpleasant taste, even in the uncooked state. 

Above photo of new shoot with the beautiful culm sheaths in place.
Roger and Roger Jr. in a mature grove of P. vivax. 
 Phyllostachys vivax is a very beautiful  
bamboo with an abundance of large 
dark green leaves. 


Once it is known, it can easily be recognized  
at a distance by its elegant drooping foliage. 
Phyllostachys vivax
Below photo shows new shoots emerging.
The beautiful sheaths are creamy buff in color
with dark brown spotting. Small or juvenile
plants will not have the same coloring,
but will have characteristics such as the absence
of oral setae or auricles. Shoots of juveniles will
be lighter in coloration in most climates