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CATERGORY (Genus)Brief description of the plants characteristics
PhyllostachysMedium to large cold hardy species suited for privacy screens and specimen groves. Typical bamboo appearance and makes great privacy screens.
PseudosasaMedium sized cold hardy bamboo with large leaves. Works well indoors or as container plants.
PleioblastusMedium to small size bamboo used for screening, ascent plants and ground covers.
ArundinariaSmall to medium bamboo with numerous branches at each node. Includes native species to North America.
IndocalamusShrub bamboo with large broad leaves. Great for a short screening applications.
Semiarundinaria Unique in appearance cold hardy bamboo. Typically straight with medium to large leaves.
HibanobambusaMedium size shade loving bamboo with beautiful large leaves.
ShibataeaGenus similar to Phyllostachys but with more limbs at each node, usually 3 to 5.
Sasa & SassellaSmall cold hardy bamboo with large leaves and a tropical look. Considered groundcover bamboo.
FargesiaSmall to medium cold hardy clumping bamboo.

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Detailed List of Bamboo We Grow
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We do not ship bamboo divisions to California, Hawaii or Alaska

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 responsibility for the usage or control of bamboo in your landscape.

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Detailed List of Bamboo We Grow
Easy way to campare sizes and temperatures.
Field Specimens - This plant size is too large to be shipped UPS.  Arrangements can be made for large orders to be delivered if you cannot pick them up at the nursery.  Special arrangements can be made for deliveries exceeding the 300 mile radius. A minimum two week notice is needed prior to pick up or delivery on available stock. Custom orders take 4 to 8 weeks depending on the species and season.  A  20% non-refundable deposit must be prepaid prior to delivery. Full payment is required on delivery. Certified check, money order or cash are the only methods of payment on delivery.
FREE SHIPPING on  2 and 3 gallon size plants.  Each species is different, therefore, the height of a shrub, ground cover or timber bamboo species will all be very different. All bamboo are field dug divisions. Each is held for at least a month to ensure that the bamboo is stabilized and ready for transplant. If we have your bamboo in stock, it will go out our next available shipping date. If not in stock, we can dig your order and hold it until it is stable to ship. The height and diameter will vary according to the species you select. You can e-mail for further information on your plant selections.  
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        We will, to the best of our knowledge, provide you with a suitable species for your climate one. However, we do not assume any responsibility for the usage or control of bamboo in your landscape.

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