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Phyllostachys Viridis
'Pigskin Bamboo'

Bamboo cane

Phyllostachys viridis

Phyllostachys Viridis

Plant introduction number (PI) into the U.S. 77257

Tall Privacy Screening-- Great buy for timber bamboo

Average mature size 3.25" x  47'      Hardy to 0 F     
Sun to Part Shade

     This was my first bamboo love and still at the top of our favorites. It is from China with beautiful new canes being pale green. During the first couple of years the canes will retain the pretty white powder ring beneath each nodal ring. The fastest to reach 3 inch diameter canes I have ever grown. It adapts to heavy clay based soils and the new shoots are edible and delicious! In full sun the foliage turns golden in mid to late summer months making it beautiful. The large upright culm have a minute pigskin texture.  

     The sheaths are light pale buff with green striping. There are brown spots on the new culm sheaths.  The sheath auricles and oral setae are absent.  Very drought hardy and reported to us to be doing great in Austin, Texas with all the heat.  It is just getting established in Nashville, Indiana at this time, but growth looks good so far., but has been top killed during its first three years.

     Some  clones of  viridis have been in flower for over 10 years. One of our clones is not flowering.  The same situation occurred with Ps. japonica 'Arrow' bamboo several years ago.  We have several cones of many species as insurance against such occurrences.  While many growers lost the ability to supply a non flowering 'Arrow' we did not as one of our clones never went to flower. The same is happening with P. viridis as we have two different clones of this species.

    Brad, an experienced grower in Nashville, IN.  updated us ( early Spring 2004 ) with good news on his P. viridis. The first winter he had top kill on the FS and consulted with us. He cut all dead culms to the ground and mulched heavily  which produced good results the following Spring. This past Spring and Summer he had over 200 new culms in the .75 inch diameter and 12 foot height range.  He is in climate zone 5b/6. 

Update from Brad, Sept. 29th 2004  One inch diameter canes in the 15 foot height range  in their third year. These have rebounded from total top kill for the past two winters and should really size up next year.

At the present, I still  recommend this species for USDA Climate Zones 6 and warmer.  

We offer a ' FIELD SPECIMEN SPECIAL'  with this species when available.   

3 gallon - $55

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Climate Zone 6 or warmer
Sun or  Shaded

Large Field dug divisions $90 and up when groups of ten
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To order or if we can help in anyway, please call 1-877-RZN-CANE or 205-292-0536

Above photo taken back in 1992 of Roger Sr. as he leans
 on a two inch cane of 'Pigskin'.

This bamboo is one of the tall/timber species that grows to a height of 47 feet and a diameter
 of 3 1/4 inches in diameter. We have seen culms over three inches here in Alabama. It has the
 nickname of "pigskin" because of minute dimpling effect that can be felt with sensitive fingers.
'Pigskin' Bamboo looks like the skin of a football under a magnifying glass.
The large culms have a white powdery ring below each node. The new green culms
 will often turn to a yellowish gold with age and sunlight. (Look at the picture above to see this effect)


Looking up at two mature P. viridis specimens. Limbs begin at around 12 feet
on this size bamboo, however the number of canes in a maturing grove provide low screening due to sheer volume.

The new Spring shoots are edible without bitterness even in the raw state. As you can see,this is about a three inch culm and it also has the white powdery ring around the lower part of the internode.

Phyllostachys viridis is cold hardy to 0 degrees F. and grows well in clay soils and sizes up
very quickly compared to other timber bamboo.
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