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Semiarundinaria Okuboi

Bamboo cane

Very good bamboo for erosion control and screening.
Semiarundinaria okuboi

Semiarundinaria okuboi

Average mature size   1. 5" x  18' Hardy to 5 F

Full Sun is Best
  Privacy Screening
Great for a short bamboo screen

This is a great screening bamboo since it seems to stay in the 8 to 14 foot height range. Some climate zones report it reaching 25 feet in height, but I have not seen these sizes.  It makes a thick grove with full foliage reaching down the canes to a couple feet off the ground.  This species has quasi  persistent culm sheaths. This is a great species to help prevent erosion.

3 gallon - $55

Call for Availability
Climate Zone 6 or warmer
Sun or Shade

Large Field dug divisions $120 each.

To order or if can help in anyway,
please call us at 1-877-RZN-CANE
or 205-292-0536


Pictures just do not show the real beauty of this bamboo.
Above left photo of  S. okuboi showing its 8 foot height with one of our ground covers,
Sasaella m. 'Albostriata'.  This is a supper screening bamboo that
spreads quickly to form a thick 8 to 14 foot privacy screen in
climate zones 6 and warmer. Large leaves are one of the very attractive
 characteristics of this beautiful erect species.


Standing in front of our 12 foot Okuboi looking at 60 foot Moso in the background.

Here you are looking at three different species.  The low ground cover is Sasaella m. 'Albostriata'.
 In the middle is the Okuboi and next is of course our giant Moso grove.

Below are photos of this bamboo potted up for this year's busy
Spring shipping season. We have over 80 of these prepared at this time.
Notice the very erect canes and the long wide dark green leaves.


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