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Moso Bamboo

The Giant of the Cold Hardy Bamboo.

Phyllostachys Edulis 'Moso'
Phyllostachys Edulis 'Moso'

Timber Bamboo
Max mature size  7" x 75'    Hardy to 5 F

Moso is the largest temperate bamboo. It is best suited for the southeastern U.S. Its culm (cane) sheath is very dark, spotted and hairy and easy to recognize. The sheath ligules, oral setae and auricles are very large. Extremely large culms and tiny delicate leaves make this one highly collectable. New shoots emerge very early making this species difficult to grow up north. New shoots are very susceptible to frost damage. I recommend this species for USDA Climate Zones 7 and warmer, preferable in the southeast portion of the U.S. Moso is being grown in climate zone 6 with good results, but it never reaches large sizes. You can expect 1/2 or less of the mature listed sizes in climate zones 6. Moso will not survive in zones 5.

In USDA Climate Zone 7 Southest expect mature size canes to 75+ feet in height.
In USDA Climate Zone 6 expect mature size canes to be 30 feet in height.

Largest Temperate Bamboo on Earth

2 gallon (2'-3'tall) - $39 call
3 gallon (3'+ tall) - $69

Reserve Now for Spring Shipping.

Shipping & Handling - 2 gal. and 3 gal.    FREE SHIPPING       (UPS ground)
Large Field dug divisions $125 and up.

Questions about this bamboo?

Towering bamboo

Above in our Moso grove looking up at a
65 foot tall cane that emerged this past March.

'Moso' is the largest temperate bamboo species on earth. The Oscar winning movie, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, was filmed in giant groves of 'Moso' in Anji.  Anji is in the Zhejian province of China and has 24,710 acres of Moso . This species of bamboo has been in the U.S. for over 100 years now. 'Moso' can grow to over 75 feet in height and 7 +  inches in diameter, at maturity. Below is a photo in our grove of a large 6+ inch diameter cane.

Phyllostachys Moso

Moso grove

Above, a customer visiting from Tennessee is shown one of our Moso groves.

Juvenile moso grove

This early morning view is of a 3 year old grove with fog rising from Wolf Creek
 in the background. The grove was groomed last week of all
small growth and now contains all 12 to 16 feet tall canes.

Moso diameter picture

Here is a measured diameter of a large Moso culm.

15 and 30 gallon size plants

Above, 15 and 30 gallon sizes ready for pickup here at our nursery or
arrangements can be made for delivery of orders exceeding $1200.

We also have 3 gallon sizes available.

Moso seedling/rhizome cuttings

Moso seedlings

Call 205-292-0536 to order.


Due to the fast growth of these, we had to size up many into 15 gallon
 containers. Below are some of our 15 gallon containers of  Moso we
sized these up into larger containers.

These are well established with plenty of rhizome growth
ready to start your grove of the largest cold hardy bamboo
on earth. Yes you can have super large timber bamboo if
you live in the right area. Many were moved into 30 gallon
containers. When these have filled up the 30 gallon containers,
they will sell for $450 each.

Moso in 15 gallon container    Moso pots

       Here is what to expect in five years from one of our 3 gallon Moso divisions. You can judge the height by comparing the utility poles in the background. This grove is around 16 feet in height.  On average, the planting will double the number of canes it puts up each Spring. From a healthy division of Moso, the next Spring, most all the  culms (canes) will be larger in diameter and taller than existing growth. This process of putting up new larger culms each Spring will continue until the mature size for its location is reached. This can be as soon as 7 years or take over 12 years depending on many growth factors.

young Moso grove


Mature moso grove

  Moso cane    


     With the right care, you can have 60 + feet Moso in under 10 years! We fertilize twice a year. About 3 to 4 weeks before our 'Moso' begin putting up new shoots, in late March, we fertilize with a well balanced time release fertilizer. We also fertilize during the middle of the growing to provide the bamboo with extra nutrients to compensate for any that is being depleted from the soil. We do not fertilize during the winter months as this is the dormant time for temperate bamboo.


3 gallon moso plant

Photo to the left shows a very well established 3 gallon

 container of 'Moso'.

      Three gallon Moso plant

Note the large leaves on the 'Moso' to the left. Mature 'Moso' has tiny delicate leaves. Just like a baby girl or boy may have similar characteristics to its parents, but it will not look just like them at an early age. As the baby matures it will look more like the parents. The same for your new bamboo division. The canes and leaves will most likely not have all the characteristics of the mature size bamboo such as stripes or leaf size. We do guarantee that the bamboo division you buy from us will be true to the species you ordered. Just keep in mind all the bamboo characteristics just like a new born will not look just like its parent form initially.

Mature sizes can be obtained in climate zones 7 and 8 in the southeast United States.

We do not recommend this species for climate zones 6 as it will disappoint growers.

In zone 5 it will struggle to survive and most likely die. On the lighter side,
if you live in
the right area
you  have grow 'Moso' to hugh diameters and 75 feet in height.

  We can not ship the 15 gallon or larger sizes UPS .

Below are photos from last year showing how our 15 gallon containers of Moso had grown. A few 15 gallons sizes are left for sale now.  These must be picked up here or if the order is large ( $1200.00 min.) enough we can work with you on a deliver charge. You can click here and see our delivery charges.


15 gallon pots

Owner, Roger Jr. worked on potting up 160 of the 3 gallon Moso into 15 gallon containers.  There were multiple canes in each container. The canes are in the 8 to 10 foot height range.

When available, 15 gallon divisions range from $150 to $175 depending on culm size and number per container.

These can not be shipped UPS and are being picked up here or we can deliver if the order is large enough.

    Potting plant          

Moso in 15 gallon containers


 The photo to the right and below are all the large containers of Moso. Each of these multiple cane containers weigh over 100 pounds each and have great rhizome growth.








30 gallon pots

large pots of Moso

Above left is the 30 gallon size. Middle is the Moso removed from the 15 gallon container on the right. The 30 gallon sizes sell for $450 each.




Tunnel of leaves

As you can see they did very well with several canes in the 10 to 14 foot range. Standing within this holding area is very nice and as you see these are much taller than my six foot height.

Lush foliage of Moso




Great bamboo growth


As you can see, the Moso has done very well. Set up an appointment and select yours while you still can.


You can tell how healthy these Moso are by all the dense foliage.

Thick foliage of Moso bamboo

If you would like to really jump start a grove, don't miss your chance with the larger sizes. The 15 gallon sizes can not be shipped. They can be picked up here with an appointment or we can deliver a large order.

The 30 gallon sizes can not be shipped.  They can be picked up at the nursery with an appointment or we can deliver a large order.

Click below for another page showing the Anderson clone of Moso. We have several groves of this variety. These can be custom dug to your specification. We do not dig divisions larger than 20 feet tall due to weigh factor that is associated with a division taller than 20 feet.

Anderson Moso

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