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Indocalamus Latifolius

Bamboo cane
Indocalamus latifolius

Indocalamus Latifolius

Average mature size   . 5 " x  10 '      Hardy to  0 F
Prefers Shaded Site
Great for 6'-8' Privacy Screens

  This species makes a beautiful lush screen with leaves up to a foot in length. With its lower foliage, it is perfect for an outstanding bamboo screen under 10 feet in height at maturity.
I recommend this species for Climate Zones 6 and warmer.

2 gallon $45

 3 gallon - $55

Available Sizes
Climate Zone 6 or warmer
Slightly Sunny or Shaded

To order or if can help in anyway,
please call us at 1-877-RZN-CANE
or 205-6865728

The average mature size is 10 feet which makes it excellent for a low, beautiful
 privacy screen. The leaves are usually about one foot in length.


Indocalamus latifolius is hardy to 0 degrees F. and prefers a shaded site
with 4 to 6 hours of filter sun light.


Below photo shows some of the divisions that
have been potted in 3 gallon containers ready for shipping now.

Below some of our customers from Chicago look at this beautiful
 cold hardy bamboo. They flew down, rented a truck and carried a
 nice selection back home with them.

Customers below purchased bamboo from us
with plans to begin their own bamboo business soon.

Latifolius     This is a good example of a beautiful green, low privacy screen.

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