Phyllostachys nigra 'Henon' Giant Gray

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Giant Gray Henon
Phyllostachys nigra 'Henon' Giant Gray

Plant introduction number (PI) into the U.S. 75158

Average mature size  4.5" x 65'    Hardy to 0 F
Giant Privacy Screening.

This bamboo can form a great screen from about 6'-35'! Gray is my favorite bamboo not only for its size and unique color, but also its ability to grow great in shaded sites with poor soil and watering. Known best for its drought tolerance once established, this giant is one impressive bamboo. From Guangdong Sichuan, China this cold hardy giant has very erect canes. Its new olive green canes turn to a gray color with age. The culm sheath have wavy blades with prominent oral setae, auricles and ligules.
Gray likes most all planting sites. The wood is of high quality and used by many craftsmen.

 Climate Zone 7 expect mature size canes to be over 60 feet in height.
Climate Zone 6 expect mature size canes to be over 40 feet in height.
Climate Zone 5 it is being grown to around 18 feet with moderate top damage during winter months.

I recommend this species for USDA Climate Zones 6 and warmer.

Bamboo sale

2 gallon (2'-3' tall) - $45
3 gallon (4'+ tall)
- $75

Available Sizes
Climate Zone 6 or warmer
Sun or Shade

Large Field dug divisions $125 each

To order or if can help in anyway,
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Questions about this bamboo?
Large delivery size
Large divisions (15 gallon sizes that are 8'-14' tall) are $125.
Larger divisions (30 gallon sizes that are 15'-20' tall) are $450 each.
Largest divisions (65 gallon sizes that are 20'-35' tall) are $490 each.
Giant gray is used in many commercial applications because of it striking appearance and low maintenance requirements. Here, we helped the Rave Move Theaters in Dallas, TX with a unique installation.Phyllostachys Nigra Henon 'Giant Gray'
Accent lighting in bambooBamboo at the entrance
Turtle Back Zoo bambooWe used Giant Gray to help the Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange, NJ in their preparations for the White Handed Gibbons. It was used inside and outside of the exhibit with many other species. The gray was selected because it would get large enough to allow the gibbons to climb and swing in hopes to foster a native type environment for these arboreal animals.

The sizes over 3 gallon are too large to ship UPS ground. Customers are welcome to pick them at our nursery or we can deliver. We deliver large orders through out the U.S. Many photos of these deliveries can be seen at  'Our Bamboo News'.

This is a green form of 'Black' bamboo that assumes a gray blue cast as the culms start to mature, giving it a ghostly gray appearance.  It is a large timber bamboo and thought to be the "mother" form of the P.nigra 'Black' bamboo. Gray Bamboo
Phyllostachy Nigra Henon Grey Bamboo
Above, Roger Jr. owner shows some guest one of our 'Giant Gray' groves.
This species grows to a height of 65 feet with a diameter of 4.5 inches. It is noted to be very drought tolerant and of good wood quality. This is the third most grown bamboo in Japan for timber.

This bamboo grows well under a large varieties of conditions, even in heavy clay soil.
 Gray bamboo canes
A grove of Grey Henon Giant gray
This is one of my old houses. Three gallon size plants were planted 5 feet apart along the fence line. This picture is after 4 years.
Gray bamboo
The species is Phyllostachys nigra 'Henon' Giant Gray. It makes a great privacy screen and can screen up to 35+ feet high. This house backs up to a main neighborhood entrance with houses on higher ground across the road. After 3 years of growth, privacy was no longer an issue.
Bamboo fro privacy

Below are some 15 and 30 gallon size container of Gray Bamboo.

15 gallon potsPhyllostachy nigra 'Henon' Giant Gray
Maryland bamboo application
Cold hardy gray bambooAbove you can see some 30 gallon plants that were installed in Maryland to provide privacy.

Gray is also a fairly cold hardy bamboo. It is about the most cold hardy of all giant bamboo and it can withstand high altitudes. New plantings will have leaf loss at 0 to 5 degrees F. Older established groves remain evergreen to a lower temp., but will have top foliage damage. The canes have be reported to be hardy in the -8 to -10 F. range. Root system hardy to -20 F.  depending on the amount of mulch and grove age. Here it can be seen snow covered.

We have sold and done follow up studies on 'Giant Gray' in several areas of the country. It has adapted well and reached over 3 inches diameter canes in USDA Climate Zone 6. In Cherokee(mountainous region), North Carolina it has reached almost mature sizes. In does well in Las Vegas, Nevada and even the Mirage Hotel is growing this beautiful bamboo and is reaching 1.5 inch diameter by 24 feet in height.


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