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Phyllostachys Edulis 'Moso' is the largest Temperate bamboo on earth.


Phyllostachys Edulis 'Moso'
Phyllostachys Edulis 'Moso'

Timber Bamboo
Max mature size  7" x 75'    Hardy to 5 F

Moso is the largest temperate bamboo. It is best suited for the southeastern U.S. Its culm (cane) sheath is very dark, spotted and hairy and easy to recognize. The sheath ligules, oral setae and auricles are very large. Extremely large culms and tiny delicate leaves make this one highly collectable. New shoots emerge very early making this species difficult to grow up north. New shoots are very susceptible to frost damage. I recommend this species for USDA Climate Zones 7 and warmer, preferable in the southeast portion of the U.S. Moso is being grown in climate zone 6 with good results, but it never reaches large sizes. You can expect 1/2 or less of the mature listed sizes in climate zones 6. Moso will not survive in zones 5.

In USDA Climate Zone 7 Southest expect mature size canes to 75+ feet in height.
In USDA Climate Zone 6 expect mature size canes to be 30 feet in height.

Largest Temperate Bamboo on Earth

2 gallon (2'-3'tall) - $49
3 gallon (3'+ tall) - $59

Available Sizes

Shipping & Handling - 2 gal. and 3 gal.    FREE SHIPPING       (UPS ground)
Large Field dug divisions $125 and up.

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Phyllostachys Moso

Here is a picture looking up into a Moso grove.

Moso cane
Picture of a Moso culm with a pair of calipers to see diameter of culms.

One of our 6 plantings of 'moso'.
Moso bamboo is the largest of the cold hardy bamboos, growing to a height of 75 feet with a diameter of 8 inches here in the U.S.  This specific clone is slow to get established.  Here in America, it grows best in a thin band of climate zones 7 and 8 located in the southeastern portion of the United States.  Moso is distinguished by relatively short lower internodes in the strongly tapered, furry culms and has unusually small leaves. New plantings of the 'Anderson' clone grow slowly, but the beauty of this clone and its cold hardiness make it highly sought after. The large shoots make Moso the central species in the bamboo shoot business in both China and Japan.

Above is how the new canes appear as they emerge out of the ground. The new shoots and culms are very velvety in feel because of a coating of tiny soft hairs.
Shoots of 'Moso'

Click here to look at cut 'Moso' poles.

Phyllostachys Edulis 'Moso' Bamboo - 3 gallon size (4+ feet tall) are $59 FREE SHIPPING.
Bamboo sale
We often have 3 gallon divisions of other clones of Moso available. There are many types of bamboo. We have some species starting at $45 so there is a wide price range.

The Moso is currently available.

Pictured to the right are some past Moso shoots.

Above and to the right is within
our main Moso grove.

Mail order Moso

Above are some of our Moso in 3 gallon containers.

Moso bamboo pots

This  2003 'moso' cane is 5 inches in diameter. It emerged in March and reached 60 feet in 55 days!

'Moso' grove 

Roger watering the 'Moso'

Moso grove

 Our dog and cat with a 'Moso' shoot.

Large bamboo canes


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