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Black bamboo cane
Bamboo Biochar
Biochar is an agricultural charcoal with high surface area per unit of volume and low residual resins to contribute to better soil and growing conditions for plants. Biochar occurs from heating of biomass at extremely high temperatures in a no or low oxygen conditions. This results in a material that is highly porous and allows for long term nutrient and water holding capabilities. Biochar assists in bio remediation of soil by allowing proper absorption rate of fertilizers and organics. In addition, it helps prevent leaching and runoff. Biochar elemental state allows it to persist in soils for years with little biological decay. Once added to the soil, it acts as a catalyst to enhance the plants ability to absorb or retain nutrients and water. Biochar also fosters the development of beneficial microorganisms. Greatest gain in plant productivity occurs when added to low PH or acidic soils. It is a great way to store and utilize carbon to assist in plant development. Our biochar is derived from bamboo using an updraft pyrolyzer. It is comprised of powder, granular, and nuggets to assist in downward soil migration.

-Recent study on our biochar by the University of Georgia demonstrated the biochar had a water holding capacity of up to 158.4% (meaning 1.584 kg-water held by 1.0 kg-dry biochar).

Bamboo Fertilizer Bamboo Fertilizer
19-5-8 plus Bamboo Biochar
Perfect for bamboo care, this time release fertilizer combined with 30% Bamboo Biochar as a soil conditioner. After 20 years of trials, this is the best fertilizer we have found to allow for long term nutrient availability and prevention of excess runoff and leaching.

32 Ounces
Recycled bamboo
Buy one and we will include an additional 32 ounce container for free.

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3 ounces per planting when topdressing.
6 ounces per cubic foot when incorporating into soil.

For best results, fertilize twice a year. Early spring to encourage new growth and then again during the middle of the growing season to replace any nutrients that are being depleted. 32 ounces represents volume.

Bamboo BioSoilBamboo Bio-Soil
Bamboo Biochar integrated with fertilized potting mix.
Proprietary potting mixed with 20% Bamboo Biochar.

 5 Gallons
Recycled bamboo

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Can be mixed into or replace existing soil. Also makes a great topdressing for existing plantings.
Bamboo Biochar packagePure Bamboo Biochar
Size: #1 crushed

 5 Gallons
Recycled bamboo

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Initial Bamboo planting6 Cubic inches mix with composted manure and top soil around each planting.
Existing Bamboo3 Cubic inches or a handful around canes.
Potting or Composting SoilAdd 10-20% to increase soil performance.
Lawns6 Cubic inches or 2 handfuls per 10 square feet.
These are the recommended biochar application rates. Rates could be increased/decreased based upon soil conditions. Biochar can be used annually in conjunction with organics or fertilizers to help soil improvements. Biochar application areas should be watered thoroughly prior and after application.
Disclaimer: This product should only be used as recommend. It is not safe for human or animal consumption and should not be used for cooking or a filtering agent. Use protection and gloves when handling.

Composition analysis performed by USDA-ARS

Nutrients Analysis of dry weight Total content of nutrients lbs/per ton
Total Nitrogen .31 % 2.8
Organic Nitrogen .31 % 2.8
Phosphorus .45 % 4.0
Phosphorus as P2O5 1.03 % 9.2
Potassium 2.89 % 25.8
Potassium as K2O 3.47 % 31.0
Sulfur 0 0
Calcium 1.05 % 9.4
Magnesium .16 % 1.4
Sodium .022% .2
Zinc 213 ppm .2
Iron 1055 ppm .9
Manganese 262 ppm .2
Copper 0 0
Boron 0 0
Total Carbon 68%  

Great TEDX video about the process and benefits of Biochar
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