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Pseudosasa Japonica
'Arrow Bamboo'

Bamboo cane
'Arrow Bamboo' is perfect for a privacy screen.  Very beautiful erect culms with large pointed leaves.
They can reach up to one foot long by 1 and 1/2 inches wide.

Pseudosasa Japonica 'Arrow Bamboo'

Pseudosasa Japonica

Plant introduction number (PI) into the U.S. 75165

Average mature size  . 75" x  18'      Hardy to 5 F     
Prefers shaded sites

Privacy Screening

     This bamboo is native to South Korea and Japan. A  favorite for screening with height restrictions and is extremely shade tolerant.  It will average 12 to 16 feet, in most areas of the country, with foliage beginning as low as one foot. It can grow very dense if not thinned providing a very lush green screening effect. Grows very fast and is cold hardy. It works very well for stabilizing creek banks and other wash areas. We have reports back from our customers in zones 6 that this one will remain evergreen to -10 degrees F. when well mulched.   This one is wind and salt tolerant.
I recommend this species for Climate Zones 6 and warmer.

2 gallon (2'-3'tall) - Call

 3 gallon (4'+ tall) - $65

Available Sizes
Climate Zone 6 or warmer
Sun or Shade

Large Field dug divisions $125 each.

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Arrow Bamboo This species can reach 18 feet at maturity. It is cold hardy to 5 degrees F.
Withstands cold well but is less resistant to dryness.

Works well in salt spray conditions.

Pseudosasa japonica culms were used in ancient Japan for making arrows.
Japonica is very popular here in the South. It is widely used for privacy screening as in this picture. Japonica used as a privacy fence.

Arrow Bamboo   Japonica is less invasive than most of the running species. It makes a beautiful specimen planting and can be controlled very easy.

This bamboo does well in pots as a container bamboo. Below are pictures that a customer of
ours (Parker) sent us of his plants in containers on his deck in Atlanta.

Japonica in pots.

Below photos show some of our 3 gallon sizes ready for Spring. We
have over 200 containers and some are already promised for Spring shipping.


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